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Emond publishes a wide array of outstanding college and undergraduate university texts in both emerging and established disciplines. Our goal is to serve the needs of Canadian students and professors with affordable print and digital resources written by renowned scholars and experts in their field.

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Diversity Issues in Law Enforcement, 3rd Edition
by Shahé S. Kazarian, Wesley Crichlow, Simon Bradford
ISBN: 978-1-55239-223-2
Subject: Diversity; Policing, Security, and First Responders
© 2007
Advanced Corporate Business Transactions
by Elizabeth Gillis
ISBN: 978-1-55239-186-0
Subject: Business, Corporate, and Commercial Law; Law Clerk
© 2006
Highway Traffic Act Investigations
by Gino Arcaro
ISBN: 978-1-55239-252-2
Subject: Traffic Law and Management; Policing, Security, and First Responders
© 2006
Conflict Resolution: An Introductory Text
by Desmond Ellis, Dawn Anderson
ISBN: 978-1-55239-156-3
Subject: ADR, Mediation, Conflict Resolution, and Arbitration
© 2005
Community Policing: Exploring Issues in Contemporary Policing
by Nicola Sutton, Graham Draper
ISBN: 978-1-55239-110-5
Subject: Community Policing; Policing, Security, and First Responders
© 2005
Interpersonal and Group Dynamics in Law Enforcement, 2nd Edition
by Bruce Bjorkquist
ISBN: 978-1-55239-099-3
Subject: Policing, Security, and First Responders
© 2004
Sociology and Canadian Society, 2nd Edition
by Geoffrey Johnstone, Kathryn Bauer
ISBN: 978-1-55239-111-2
Subject: Sociology and Psychology; Policing, Security, and First Responders
© 2004
Canadian Private Investigator's Manual, 2nd Edition
by D. James Hawkins, Elaine Z. Konstan
Subject: Policing, Security, and First Responders
© 2003
Out of Print
Advanced Residential Real Estate Transactions, 2nd Edition
by Mark Walma
ISBN: 978-1-55239-100-6
Subject: Property and Real Estate Law
© 2003
Canadian Government and Public Policy, Royal Military College of Canada Bundle
by Various
ISBN: 978-1-77255-054-2
Subject: Political Science and Government
© -0001
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