Highway Traffic Act Investigations

Highway Traffic Act Investigations
Emond Publishing
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January 2006
Policing, Security, and First Responders; Traffic Law and Management

Highway Traffic Act Investigations is aimed at undergraduate and applied degree community college Traffic Management courses. The book is not intended to explain the entire Highway Traffic Act, or to train students as expert traffic investigators. Its purpose is to provide entry-level instruction on investigating traffic offences.

Gino Arcaro is the coordinator of the Police Foundations Program and Law and Security Administration programs at Niagara College, and is widely regarded as a leading author of teaching material for these programs.

  • Provides clear and applied learning objectives that match the learning outcomes of the fourth semester Traffic Management Police Foundations course
  • Presents and structures traffic laws in a simplified manner that enables ease of interpretation and research of the Highway Traffic Act (HTA)
  • Offers practical problem-solving techniques to aid in the mastery of traffic investigations.
  • Provides three key features that can dramatically improve students’ ability to master this extensive material:
    • Reference charts that condense volumes of information to facilitate and simplify researching of the very complex HTA offences and investigations
    • Charts that provide a unique approach to learning the wide range of HTA offences
    • Reality-based problem-solving questions that strengthen the learning experience with real-life “what if” situations
  • Focuses on applied learning by offering relevant content in a scenario-based format that is immediately applicable in real-life investigations
  • Instructor's Resources
    • Clear and sequential rules, steps, and checklists
    • Handy tables and graphs that cross-reference offences to the Criminal Code
    • A text-workbook format with perforated pages for class assignments
    • End-of-chapter review and scenario-based discussion questions

Chapter 1: The “Reality” of the Highway Traffic Act
Chapter 2: Introductory Concepts
Chapter 3: Charging an Offender, Part 1
Chapter 4: Charging an Offender, Part 2
Chapter 5: Arrestable Offences
Chapter 6: Definitions
Chapter 7: Driver’s Licence Offences
Chapter 8: Permit, Insurance, and Licence Plate Offences
Chapter 9: Equipment Offences
Chapter 10: Moving Violations — Part 1: The Negligent Driving Continuum
Chapter 11: Moving Violations — Part 2: Highway Traffic Act Moving Violations

Appendix: Answers to Problem-Solving Exercises
List of Cases
List of Statutes

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