Interviewing and Investigation, 3rd Edition

Interviewing and Investigation, 3rd Edition
Emond Publishing
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January 2017
Evidence and Investigation; Policing, Security, and First Responders

"I use superlatives sparingly. That said, this is a very good book. The writing is engaging, with effective use of case examples ... The result is a book that provides practical recommendations contextualized with recent case law and evidence-based investigative principles."

— Tim Moore, York University

The third edition of Interviewing and Investigation prepares readers for investigative work by providing them with the research on and application of effective, evidence-based interviewing practices. This text moves away from, and even debunks, certain traditional interviewing methods. Instead, this text focuses on methods that are based on a solid foundation of scientific research, including two of the most important investigative interviewing models: PEACE and the cognitive interview.

This text addresses the need for a well-referenced, up-to-date Canadian resource on investigative practices in the public and private sectors. The author is one of the few practitioners in Canada who has both extensive practical experience in investigative interviewing, and advanced academic training in criminology and law. This facilitates an informative and practical treatment of investigative work that will resonate with both students and practitioners.

Readers will not only get a clear sense of the value and need for evidence-based interviewing methods, they will become equipped with the skills needed to perform confidently and effectively in this rapidly-maturing area of investigative work.

  • Significantly expanded discussion of the PEACE and the cognitive interview models
  • Information and strategies on detecting deception, updated to reflect current research
  • Emphasis on the strategic use of evidence
  • New learning outcomes
  • Updated and restructured case law
  • Coil binding, allowing this resource to be carried from backpack to squad car
  • Planning guidelines to assist readers with preparing for an interview

Chapter 1: Introduction to Interviewing and Investigation
Chapter 2: Techniques for Interviewing Witnesses
Chapter 3: Interviewing Suspects I: Legal Issues and Preparation
Chapter 4: Interviewing Suspects II: Approaches and Techniques
Chapter 5: Detecting Deception
Chapter 6: Eyewitness Identifications
Chapter 7: Portals of Discovery: Investigative Failures and the Lessons Learned

Appendix A: Selected Case Law Appendix B: Review Scenario

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