Interviewing Skills for Legal Professionals, 2nd Edition

Interviewing Skills for Legal Professionals, 2nd Edition
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September 2018
Law Clerk; Legal Practice Skills and Management; Paralegal

Interviewing Skills for Legal Professionals, 2nd Edition is specifically designed to assist paralegals and other legal professionals in becoming effective interviewers. The quality of a client’s interview is essential to ensuring that the legal representation they receive is well-informed and tailored.

Author Douglas Cochran draws on decades of interview coaching experience to provide readers with the skills needed to properly process a client. Sample scenarios and examples are used throughout the text to not only demonstrate the key principles of client-centred interviewing, but also highlight important matters to consider during an interview, including stereotyping and managing biases.

By implementing the tips and techniques addressed in this text, readers will know how to prepare for, structure, and conduct a successful interview with a client.

  • Differentiates between the role of Ontario paralegals versus paralegals in other parts of Canada
  • Covers increased scope of responsibility allowed to Ontario paralegals
  • Includes learning outcomes throughout
  • Contains additional scenarios and examples to help readers recognize and overcome various challenges
  • Includes numerous checklists and references in the appendix
  • Resources for instructors including fact patterns and PowerPoints
  • Designed for a smaller trim size, making it easy to carry from backpack to briefcase

Chapter 1: What’s Behind Good Client Interviewing?
Chapter 2: Interview Preparation
Chapter 3: Interview Structure
Chapter 4: Environment of the Interview
Chapter 5: The Interview
Chapter 6: Questioning Techniques
Chapter 7: Interviewing in Special Circumstances
Chapter 8: Client Advice, Ethical Concerns, and Challenging Clients
Chapter 9: The Art of Criticism

Appendix A: Interview Stages and Tasks
Appendix B: Obstacles to Communication
Appendix C: Avoidance Responses
Appendix D: Interview Checklist
Appendix E: Inventory of Interviewing Inhibitors
Appendix F: Typical Question Starters
Appendix G: Critic’s Guide to Interview Feedback
Appendix H: Impact of Constructive Criticism

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