Introduction to Law in Canada

Introduction to Law in Canada
Emond Publishing
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April 2014
Constitutional Law; Introductory Law; NCA Recommended; Public Law

Meticulously researched and elegantly written, Emond’s highly anticipated Introduction to Law in Canada illuminates the historical development and current incarnation of the Canadian legal system. Employing a pan-Canadian approach, this text serves as a comprehensive, detailed, all-in-one resource for the fundamental aspects of Canadian law.

The book is divided into four parts. Part I, Theory and Context, examines theories of the law, the divisions of law, and legal systems around the world. It explores the origins of bijuralism, Confederation, and the nature and functions of Canada’s Constitution. Part II, Law and the Canadian Constitution, examines the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government and includes a discussion of civil liberties. Part III, Private Law and Public Law, provides an introductory survey of torts, contracts, family law, property law, business and consumer law, public law, and Canada’s criminal justice system. Finally, Part IV, Working with the Law, explores the legal profession more generally, legal ethics, and law reform.

  • Introduces the basic foundations, purposes, and definitions of the law
  • Presents a pan-Canadian and multicultural perspective
  • Situates Canadian law in a larger global context, offering a comparative analysis with other countries
  • Clearly illustrates the structure of the Canadian court system and how the different types and levels of courts function
  • Explains how statutes are structured, cited, and interpreted
  • Includes instructions on how to brief and cite cases
  • Full-colour design provides an enhanced reading and studying experience
  • Chapter summaries allow for a quick review of the material and serve as a useful study aid
  • Includes over 50 figures, tables, and photographs
  • Comprehensive glossary of key terms
  • Further Reading lists in every chapter, including books, online resources, and articles
  • Constitution Act, 1867 and Constitution Act, 1982 included as appendixes

Part I: Theory and Context

  • Chapter 1: What Is Law?
  • Chapter 2: Legal Systems Around the World
  • Chapter 3: Canada's Reception of Common Law and Civil Law
  • Chapter 4: From Confederation to the Charter

Part II: Law and the Canadian Constitution

  • Chapter 5: The Legislature: The First Branch of Government
  • Chapter 6: The Executive: The Second Branch of Government
  • Chapter 7: The Judiciary: The Third Branch of Government
  • Chapter 8: Civil Liberties

Part III: Private Law and Public Law

  • Chapter 9: Private Law I: Torts, Contracts, and Related Areas
  • Chapter 10: Private Law II: Family Law, Property Law, and Other Areas
  • Chapter 11: Business and Consumer Law
  • Chapter 12: Public Law
  • Chapter 13: Canada’s Criminal Justice System

Part IV: Working with the Law

  • Chapter 14: The Legal Profession
  • Chapter 15: Legal Ethics
  • Chapter 16: Access to Justice and Law Reform


  • Appendix A: Constitution Act, 1867
  • Appendix B: Constitution Act, 1982


  • Instructor's Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Test Bank

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Complete versions of the Constitution Act, 1867 and the Constitution Act, 1982, with full explanatory footnotes

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