Introduction to Police Studies

Introduction to Police Studies
Emond Publishing
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December 2012
Policing, Security, and First Responders

Introduction to Police Studies offers an overview of the requirements, standards, and duties required to become a police officer in Canada. The resource covers topics such as the history of policing in Canada, duties of a police officer, hiring criteria, ethics, and civilian governance and oversight in a visually engaging manner. Each chapter includes box features describing current, real-life police stories along with cases outlining the duties often undertaken by police officers on a daily basis.

  • Chapter Learning Outcomes that assist students in understanding the main ideas of each chapter.
  • Case Study boxes throughout the book help demonstrate the practical application of chapter concepts.
  • Policing Online boxes that provide suggestions for further research.
  • Policing in Practice boxes that give students opportunities to apply their understanding of chapter material.
  • Decoding Police Terms boxes that offer detailed explanations of common policing terms.

Chapter 1: Police History and Organization
Chapter 2: Becoming a Police Officer
Chapter 3: The Police Role and Discretion
Chapter 4: Communication Skills
Chapter 5: Customer Service
Chapter 6: Police Culture, Personality and Stress
Chapter 7: Professionalism And Ethics
Chapter 8: The Police Disciplinary Process And Code Of Conduct
Chapter 9: The Public Complaints System
Chapter 10: Civilian Governance
Chapter 11: Policing Policies and Procedures
Chapter 12: Civilian Oversight

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