Learn Smart: Strategies to Succeed in School and Life

Learn Smart: Strategies to Succeed in School and Life
Emond Publishing
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July 2007
Guidance and Careers

TRILLIUM LISTED for Ontario's GLS1O and GLE1/2 courses

Learn Smart: Strategies to Succeed in School and Life focuses on helping students develop learning strategies inside and outside the classroom. The text can serve as a complete program or as a supplement to an existing course. Learn Smart features 20 sections of graduated length and difficulty, each accompanied by a glossary, web links, reading strategies, and three types of activity blocks. These activity blocks give students a chance to apply the skills they learn from the text and include prior knowledge activities, reading comprehension, literacy and numeracy, personal management, interpersonal skills, and teamwork skills.

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  • Handbook format: Allows students to reference information easily with the use of photos, visuals, graphs, charts, and maps.
  • Skills Workshops: Focus on key skills across disciplines.
  • Contextual learning: Develops skills in context through individual and group work.
  • Scaffolding line masters: Provided for many student book activities.
  • Student success: Hands-on guidance for students on applying strategies across the curriculum.

Part 1: Learn It, Don't Sweat It

  • It's Your Style
  • The Manager of You Is You

Part 2: Practise Your Skills (Graduated Texts)

  • Out There
  • That's Entertainment
  • Going Green
  • Stand Up, Speak Up
  • Your Wired World

Part 3: Explore Your Opportunities

  • Getting the Information You Need
  • Be Your Own Advocate
  • Portfolios That Work

Part 4: From Here to There

  • Four Doors



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