Legal Office Procedures, 7th Edition Workbook

Legal Office Procedures, 7th Edition Workbook
Owl Publishing
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January 2017
Law Clerk; Legal Practice Skills and Management; Paralegal

The Legal Office Procedures Workbook includes hands-on start-to-finish legal files and assignments, including interfacing files and legal templates, aligned with each chapter of Legal Office Procedures, 7th Edition.

  • Interfacing files that simulate the day-to-day work in a legal office environment.
  • start-to-finish legal files with ongoing full life cycle scenarios that allow students to see the big picture and to understand the relevance and significance of each procedural part.
  • Press-perforated pages for the purpose of easy removal of hand-in assignments and other documents.
  • Handwritten correction exercises.
  • Templates and step-by-step guidance to help readers complete legal documents.

Part I: Practice Management
Chapter 1: The Legal Office Environment
Chapter 2: Legal Office Records Management
Chapter 3: Legal Office Dockets and Accounts
Chapter 4: Effective Legal Writing and Oral Presentations
Chapter 5: Legal Office Correspondence
Chapter 6: Legal Research and Memorandums of Law

Part II: Litigation
Chapter 7: The Court System of Canada
Chapter 8: Preparing and Serving Court Documents
Chapter 9: Introduction to Civil Litigation
Chapter 10: Commencing the Civil Litigation Action
Chapter 11: Defending the Civil Litigation Action
Chapter 12: Counterclaims and Third Party Claims
Chapter 13: Discoveries
Chapter 14: Pre-trial
Chapter 15: Trial
Chapter 16: Applications
Chapter 17: Motions
Chapter 18: Disposition Without Trial and Enforcement of Orders

Part III: Family Law
Chapter 19: Marriage and Domestic Contracts
Chapter 20: Introduction to Family Law
Chapter 21: Family Law Rules and Procedures
Chapter 22: Commencing a Divorce Case
Chapter 23: Contesting a Divorce

Part IV: Corporate and Commercial Law
Chapter 24: Unincorporated Businesses
Chapter 25: Corporate Law
Chapter 26: Incorporating a Business Corporation
Chapter 27: Organizing the Business Corporation
Chapter 28: Post-Incorporation Matters
Chapter 29: Corporate and Commercial Law

Part V: Real Estate
Chapter 30: Introduction to Real Estate
Chapter 31: Land Registration Systems
Chapter 32: Transfers
Chapter 33: Charges/Mortgages and Remedies
Chapter 34: Discharges and Related Documents
Chapter 35: Sale Transactions
Chapter 36: Purchase Transactions
Chapter 37: Condominiums
Chapter 38: Title Searching — A New Perspective

Part VI: Estates
Chapter 39: Wills and Powers of Attorney
Chapter 40: Inheritance
Chapter 41: Application for Certificate with a Will
Chapter 42: Application for Certificate without a Will
Chapter 43: Distribution of Estates

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Legal Office Procedures, 7th Edition Workbook

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