Legal Transcription in Canada, Revised Edition

Legal Transcription in Canada, Revised Edition
Emond Publishing
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June 2013
Legal Practice Skills and Management

Legal Transcription in Canada is a comprehensive resource that will train students to successfully transcribe legal correspondence and documents to standards appropriate for the legal profession. Adaptable to any Canadian jurisdiction and addressing various areas of law, this text is a complete course delivered in one condensed package. The student textbook includes practical, hands-on transcription exercises emphasizing grammar, terminology, citation, and appropriate document formatting. Enclosed with the text is a CD with typing exercises accompanied by voice files. A separate instructor's guide is also available with exercise scripts and an answer key.

This edition features a revision of Chapter 1 to reflect the new rules of the 7th edition of the McGill Guide (Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation), the removal of punctuation from all citation exercises, and correction of errata.

  • Presents a variety of material to transcribe, including letters, memos, reports, court documents, commercial documents, and voice mail.
  • Video instructions on the implementation and use of free transcription software.
  • Exercises are organized by level of difficulty to allow for a staged progression of practical skills in each area of law.
  • Instructor Resources: a detailed instructor’s guide with sample tests and answer keys.
  • Addresses the terminology and procedures specific to a variety of areas of legal practice including real estate, family, wills and estates, and corporate law.
  • Includes an extensive glossary of terms.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: General Administration
Chapter 3: Wills and Powers of Attorney
Chapter 4: Estates
Chapter 5: Real Estate
Chapter 6: Corporations
Chapter 7: Family Law
Chapter 8: Civil Litigation
Chapter 9: Criminal Law
Chapter 10: Intellectual Property
Chapter 11: Landlord and Tenant
Chapter 12: Small Claims


  • Instructor's Guide
  • Student exercises with accompanying voice files and templates, which can be found under the “For Students” tab

To request access to instructor resources, contact instructor support. If you've already been given access, your resources can be found by signing in on the Instructor Resources page.

For each of the following exercises, use the linked templates (found below) or use those provided by your instructor. For the “Letter” and “Statement of Account” exercises, choose from three templates, depending on where the Berry & Asselin LLP satellite office is located: Eastern (Halifax, NS), Central (Toronto, ON), or Western (Vancouver, BC).

Chapter 1: Introduction

The chapter (available in PDF) describes the firm of Berry & Asselin LLP and provides information on how to use Express Scribe transcription software. The chapter also includes information on checking and properly formatting case citations.

The included WMV video file shows you how to install and run the Express Scribe Software that will help you run the voice exercises.


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