Rules of Evidence: Case Extracts

The following extracts can be used by instructors and students to extend the study of Rules of Evidence: A Practical Approach. The case extracts have been edited to a manageable reading length while retaining the pith of the rulings, and the use of boldface assists students in focusing on the most important issues and findings.

The extracts are available in both Microsoft Word DOC format and Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Extracts in both formats are printable; extracts in DOC format are also editable.

Chapter 3: Burden of Proof and Standard of Proof

R v. Starr, [2000] 2 SCR 144 (SCC)

Chapter 7: The Principled Exception to the Hearsay Rule

R v. Khan, [1990] 2 SCR 531

Chapter 8: Character Evidence

R v. Handy, [2002] 2 SCR 908

R v. Tyhurst, [1993] BCJ No. 2615 (BCSC)

Chapter 9: Opinion Evidence

Phillips v. A.G. Canada et al., April 5, 2001, BCSC 522

Chapter 10: Privilege

Smith v. Jones, [1999] 1 SCR 455

Chapter 11: Self-Incrimination

R v. Oickle, [2000] 2 SCR 3

R v. Stillman, [1997] 1 SCR 607

Chapter 12: Wrongfully Obtained Evidence

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, ss. 7 to 15

R v. Silveira, [1995] 2 SCR 297

Chapter 14: Oral Evidence

R v. Ellard, 2003 BCCA 68