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BOOK INFOOnline PowerPoint Resources for Canada's Food Guide

Nancy Wagner Wizotski, author of Fitness and Lifestyle Management for Law Enforcement, would like to draw your attention to PowerPoint resources regarding Canada's Food Guide, presented by Health Canada. These may be of use to you when teaching the nutrition component of your course (see Chapter 8 of the third edition).

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The Office of Nutrition Policy and Promotion is pleased to inform you that new tools are now accessible on the Health Canada website to assist educators and communicators in sharing information about Canada's Food Guide.

We are pleased to offer two PowerPoint presentations: the first one helps to explain Canada's Food Guide to consumers and the second provides more in-depth information for you to present to other health intermediaries.

Both of these presentations are downloadable from the Health Canada website and can be found in the Educators and Communicators section. Links to these new resources are also included below:

In addition, you will find an article, "Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide (2007): Development of the Food Intake Pattern," published in the April 2007 issue of Nutrition Reviews (Vol. 65, Number 4). This article provides a detailed description of the process used to develop the food intake pattern of Canada's Food Guide.

Finally, we have expanded the information in the general Frequently Asked Questions section on the website, as well as added a Questions and Answers for Educators section. These questions arose following the broadcast in March 2007 of the webcast "Developing Age and Gender Specific Food Intake Patterns."

We hope these resources will assist you in your work.

Office of Nutrition Policy and Promotion
Health Canada