Nine Habits Testimonials

"Nine Habits is a must read for teachers of history, both new and experienced, across North America. It offers key insights into the understanding of how to open the doors of history to students. The author brings a deep well of knowledge to the consideration of the thinking needed to make history relevant and understandable for students. Examples from Canadian and American History — as well as World history — make this an excellent guide for reflection on the teaching of history for teachers in both countries."

— Dr. Michael L. Magarrey, Assistant Professor,
Department of Teacher Education and Professional Development,
Central Michigan University

“Nine Habits is a rare gem that allows new teachers (and veterans) to tap into the wisdom of a lifetime of teaching. Ian helps all of us to reflect on real issues in the teaching and learning of history."

— John Myers, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

“This will be a most useful book for new teachers as well as for teachers relatively early in their careers because it provides a great overview of the state of the discipline as well as the state of history teaching. The author moves easily from the philosophical to the practical and back again and asks the most important questions.”

— Rick Beardsley, Retired Social Studies Teacher (British Columbia)

“This book will be a useful addition for university students who plan to teach history … I indeed wish that such a book had been available when I started to teach.”

— Bill Thorpe, Retired Social Studies Teacher (New Brunskwick)

“[The book] would be an excellent resource in a senior-level history class as it explicitly demonstrates the background of historical methodology while interspersing the text with specific examples. This helps to make the theoretical aspects readable and concrete for either a secondary student or teacher candidate. The habits and methodology that are included in the textbook also dovetail nicely with the expectations of the history curriculum, so that they provide the teacher with a resource that can be used in several ways.”

— Diane Brayman, Acting Head of Visitor Services,
Legislative Assembly of Alberta

“[The book] is very well written and the pedagogy is solid. It makes me wish I had it when I was first going through my teacher training!”

— Kimberly Bartlett, Pickering College

“[The book has] food for thought for all practising history teachers.”

— Ian Pettigrew, Resource Teacher, Peel District School Board