Litigating Artificial Intelligence

Litigating Artificial Intelligence
Emond Publishing
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May 2021
Civil Litigation and Procedure; Criminal Law and Procedure

Litigating Artificial Intelligence is the first resource of its kind in Canada to comprehensively review the diverse ways AI can interact with the litigation process, both in the courtroom and in legal practice. Presenting a realistic, even-handed treatment of the latest developments in AI and law, the General Editor team and expert contributors address four primary ways litigators can expect AI to influence their work: 1) challenging AI-informed decision-making 2) navigating evidence law questions arising from AI 3) bringing or defending lawsuits involving AI-based products and 4) using AI tools to enhance aspects of legal practice.

Litigating Artificial Intelligence is an ideal resource for a litigators (civil, criminal, corporate, commercial, immigration, and administrative) and essential reading for law enforcement professionals, academics, judges, journalists, policy-makers, law students, forensic scientists, and computer engineers.

This book is revised on an 18- to 24-month cycle to account for rapid developments in this field. The subscription option offers free auto-shipping and grants access to the latest edition at a significantly reduced cost.



  • Coverage of the relationship between AI and legislation, international ethical guidelines, and recent jurisprudence
  • Summary of the main AI tools in use in the Canadian justice system and other applications
  • Practical recommendations about litigation involving AI
  • A chapter on AI and administrative law, written by Justice Sossin of the Ontario Court of Appeal
  • A chapter on AI and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), written by former Attorney General of Ontario, Chris Bentley
  • A chapter on AI and e-discovery, written by Professors Maura Grossman and Gordon Cormack
  • A chapter on international and military law, written by Major Christopher Nam of the Judge Advocate General’s office
  • A chapter on predictive analytics, written by Blue J Legal co-founder Anthony Niblett


Part I: Introduction
1. Introduction
2. Background

Part II: AI as Decision-Maker
3. Algorithmic Technology and Criminal Law in Canada
4. Administrative Law and Artificial Intelligence
5. Automating Migration: Litigating AI in Immigration and Refugee Decision-Making
6. Tactical Challenges and Practical Considerations in Litigating AI

Part III: AI and Evidence Law
7. AI and Evidence Law
8. Spies and Robots: Litigating the Use of Artificial Intelligence in National Security Proceedings

Part IV: AI as the Subject Matter of a Lawsuit
9. Torts and Contracts: Civil Liability for AI Causing Harms 
10. Do Androids Dream of the Electric Chair? Questions About Criminal Liability for Artificially Intelligent Agents
11. International Law, AI, and Military Operations: Legal Obligations and Accountability

Part V: AI-Enabled Litigation Tools
12. AI-Enabled Litigation Tools: An Introduction
13. Vetting and Validation of AI-Enabled Tools for Electronic Discovery
14. Research & Writing
15. Online Dispute Resolution 
16. Predictive Analytics

Part VI: Conclusion
17. Coda: Litigating in An Era of Thinking Software

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