Modern Criminal Evidence

Modern Criminal Evidence
Emond Publishing
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August 2021
Criminal Law and Procedure; Criminal Law Series; Criminology

“The cadre of authors, all in the prime of very active and successful careers at the criminal bar, have produced what will quickly become a 'go to' text.”

—Justice David H. Doherty

General Editors: Brian H. Greenspan and Justice Vincenzo Rondinelli

Modern Criminal Evidence is the first major treatise to provide a truly practical and comprehensive guide to criminal evidence law in Canada. Unlike other texts in this area, this book’s practical approach guides readers through evidentiary issues in all components of criminal law, providing indispensable insight from Crown, defence, and judicial perspectives.

National in scope, this modern interpretation of criminal evidence law provides insight into a diverse range of topics: judicial fact-finding, pre-trial considerations, expert evidence, circumstantial evidence, hearsay, character evidence, digital evidence, examination of witnesses, and the intersection of proceedings.

Authored by a team of criminal law experts, including members of the criminal bar and judiciary, Modern Criminal Evidence is the most up-to-date resource for criminal litigators and judges searching for practical answers to their evidentiary questions.

  • A chapter on judicial fact-finding with custom content for judges, written by Justice Renee M. Pomerance
  • A chapter on digital evidence that examines authentication, best evidence rules, evidence tampering, and probative value
  • Real-world case examples from across Canada that place evidentiary principles in a national context
  • Practice tips sections that provide readers with years’ worth of trial experience
  • Strategies and tactics to present evidence in court
  • Chapter Summaries offering quick reviews of key evidentiary principles
  • Maps and charts that offer a practical overview of evidentiary procedure
  • Discussions of COVID-19 changes to evidence law, particularly regarding judicial notice and virtual court appearances

Chapter 1: Introduction: Basic Concepts in the Law of Evidence
Chapter 2: From Evidence to Verdict: Confessions of a Judicial Fact-Finder
Chapter 3: Judicial Notice
Chapter 4: Opinion Evidence
Chapter 5: Circumstantial Evidence
Chapter 6: Hearsay
Chapter 7: Character Evidence
Chapter 8: Examination of Witnesses
Chapter 9: Specific Types of Witnesses
Chapter 10: Confessions and Self-Incrimination
Chapter 11: Privilege
Chapter 12: Digital Evidence
Chapter 13: Documentary Evidence
Chapter 14: Identification Evidence
Chapter 15: Intersection of Proceedings

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