Occupational Health and Safety in Ontario

Occupational Health and Safety in Ontario
Emond Publishing
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June 2008
Employment, Labour, and Human Resources Law

Using this straightforward text, students will learn how to identify, prevent, and manage the potentially costly health and safety risks that exist in a variety of workplace settings. Nora Rock transforms complex statutory provisions and regulations into plain-language explanations and easy-to-follow practical steps. Students will come away with an understanding of the "why," "what," and "how" of many OH&S topics, including the following:

  • Joint OH&S committees
  • Corporate obligations
  • Union involvement
  • Interaction with inspectors
  • "Right to know" and EAP programs capturing health and safety concerns
  • Hazard identification, evaluation, control, accident investigation, ergonomics, and occupational stress
  • Management of OH&S programs and social psychological approaches

Chapter 1: Thinking About Safety at Work

  • Management/employers' perspective
  • Unions and employees' perspective
  • Society's perspective
  • Government's approach
  • Legal approach
  • Scientific approaches
  • Psychology/social science approach

Chapter 2: The Evolution of Workplace Safety Law

Chapter 3: Overview of the OHSA

  • Philosophy and structure
  • Overview of OHSA general rights and duties
  • Concept of Internal Responsibility System (IRS)

Chapter 4: Introduction to WHMIS

  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

Chapter 5: Overview of the WSIA

  • Philosophy and structure
  • Overview of WSIA general rights and duties

Chapter 6: Other Workplace Safety Laws

  • Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA)
  • Technical Standards and Safety Act (TSSA)
  • Building Code and Fire Code
  • No-smoking laws and the workplace
  • Environmental law (Environmental Protection Act, Ontario Water Resources Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Pesticides Act)

Chapter 7: OHS from a Strategic Perspective

  • Cost of workplace accidents and illness
  • Cost of non-compliance
  • Cost of making workplace safe
  • Benefits of being an industry safety leader

Chapter 8: Steps to Compliance I

  • Establishing an inspection schedule
  • Risk identification
  • Co-ordinating risk reduction and follow-up inspections
  • Filings/reports under safety legislation
  • Complying with WHMIS

Chapter 9: Steps to Compliance II (post-incident)

Chapter 10: Facing an OHSA Investigation or Prosecution

Chapter 11: Managing WSIA Claims and the Transition Back to Work

Chapter 12: A Culture of Safety

  • Instructor's Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation

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