P1 Exam Preparation Course: Emond Exam Prep

P1 Exam Preparation Course: Emond Exam Prep
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December 2017
Exam Preparation; Paralegal

The P1 Exam Preparation Course was developed to teach effective study and exam-taking strategies that will equip students to succeed on the P1 licensing exam. The course consists of approximately two hours of lectures and six hours of interactive practice exam question exercises. It covers suggested reference materials, how-tos for studying and learning, and advice for correctly answering multiple-choice exam questions.

The Paralegal Exam Preparation Course comprises two key components:

  1. Instruction: Liz Nastasi (LLB) and Deborah Pressman (LLM) walk through the different elements of a strong study plan, providing advice and guidance for paralegal candidates;
  2. Practice Questions: Chunks of mock exam questions are interspersed throughout the course, to give students an opportunity to test themselves

The course is delivered by Liz Nastasi and Deborah Pressman. They begin the course by reviewing LSUC Paralegal competencies, and the content that will be tested on the exam. They discuss the best ways to organize study materials, and explain what to expect in terms of exam format and requirements, as well as key rules to be aware of on exam day. They examine the different types of multiple-choice questions that candidates will encounter on the exam, and introduce strategies to help exam-takers answer questions correctly. Integrated throughout the course are several mini mock exams that challenge students to test different exam-writing strategies. This is designed to help each student find the approach that works best for them, and practice applying it before the exam.

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To access the Paralegal Exam Preparation Course after purchase, navigate to My Books in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Scroll down to "Digital Redemptions/Purchases," and click the title of the course to reveal a link to "View".

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Getting Started – Study Smart
Section 3: Your Exam – LSUC Competencies
Section 4: Organizing Your Study Materials
Section 5: The Licensing Exam
Section 6: Answer Strategies
Section 7: Question Types
Section 8: Content Of Questions
Section 9: Introduction To Online Practice Questions
Section 10: Strategy: Looking Up Every Question Using Your Materials
Section 11: Practice Questions (15)
Section 12: Strategy: Looking Up Half The Questions Using Your Materials
Section 13: Practice Questions (15)
Section 14: Timed Practice Test: 1 Hour
Section 15: Practice Questions (30)
Section 16: Half-Point Check In
Section 17: Study Tips and Strategies
Section 18: Exam Format & Content
Section 19: Mini-Mock Exam Intro
Section 20: Practice Questions (30)
Section 21: Feedback for Mini-Mock Exam
Section 22: Full Mock Practice Exam
Section 23: Practice Questions (120)
Section 24: Feedback for Full Mock Exam
Section 25: LSUC Rules – Know Them
Section 26: More Tips and Good Luck

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P1 Exam Preparation Course: Emond Exam Prep

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