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Emond Exam Prep offers resources for students preparing to write the Ontario Licensing Exams, the Paralegal Licensing Exam, and the ICCRC Full Skills Exam. Our resources include online practice exams, online and in-class preparation courses, free exam preparation guides, and access to a database of bar exam indexes.

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Virtual Bar Exam Diaries

The past year has been particularly stressful for students writing the Ontario Licensing exams, as they grappled with exam cancellations, last-minute testing windows, and the change of format. Being prepared for such an exam goes beyond books. It’s about mental preparation: knowing what to bring, what to expect, and what to do. Presenting the Virtual Bar Exam Diaries: A series specifically written for students, by students. Each article outlines the author’s personal experience writing the Ontario Licensing exam virtually, and is full of insights and advice. Learn from their experiences and write the exam with greater confidence. To learn more about the Virtual Bar Exam Diaries, click the button below:

Virtual Bar Exam Diaries

What have past students said about Emond Exam Prep programs?

“Emond practice exams were very helpful! The descriptive answers were great. Mark breakdown by topic was super useful to assist you which area you need to work on. Timer was also a great addition especially if using the bar timer guide. It helps you stay on track which is great practice to manage your time and prepare yourself for the actual exam.”
– Harpreet, 2020 CanBarPrep Student

“Practice makes perfect! The best way to study for the bar exam is writing practice exams using the same materials you will bring in on exam day. Emonds was a huge reason why I passed the bar on my first try without having extensively covered the materials as a student from a foreign law school.”
– James Rea, 2020 CanBarPrep Student

“The Emond exam was by far the best prep exam. I highly recommend taking multiple different practice exams. I saved Emond for last because it was the most difficult and the most similar to the actual exam in terms of content difficulty. It seems like a lot of money in the moment, but it’s worth it in the long run. I recommend Emond to any friend that asks for a recommendation.”
– Ayala David, 2020 CanBarPrep Student

“The Emond Practice Questions, were extremely critical to passing my exams in one try!”
– Dolapo Bolu, 2020 CanBarPrep Student

“The practice exams were really similar to the real exam. Darren Smith did a very good job with the online classes. I cleared both exams in one go.”
– Harpreet Singh Kukreja, 2020 CanBarPrep Student

“I really liked Emond’s questions and found they were as challenging and at the same level as the actual bar exam. Probably the best questions out of the several I purchased.”
– Tolou Mahani, 2020 CanBarPrep Student

“I greatly appreciate your understanding of my situation and your words of encouragement. It’s definitely given me motivation to get back to studying. The videos provided by Emond are helpful and I will be sure to spread the word of these great videos.”
– Sheila Khambhla, 2020 CanBarPrep Student

“The Emond Exam prep tests are well designed, easy to navigate and were similar in use to the newly implemented digital test offered by the LSO. The performance analytics were especially useful in helping me target areas for improvement and to focus the little time I had to prepare.”
– Kyron Benjamin, 2020 P1 Prep Student

“I highly recommend the P1 practice exams! The questions asked were very similar to the ones that were asked in the real exam. Being able to run through a practice exam in a stress-free environment gave me the confidence I needed to write the Licensing Exam and helped me organize my notes.”
– Hayley Phoenix, 2020 P1 Prep Student

“Great resource tool to use while studying for the P1.”
– Lori McCarthy, 2020 P1 Prep Student

“Practice exam was very helpful, was great. I PASSED THE EXAM.”
– Berta Gandalera, 2020 P1 Prep Student

“Emond’s Paralegal exam really helped out! The questions guided me regarding what I was to expect and what I had to focus on. I would definitely recommend this exam.”
– Joseph Gans, 2020 P1 Prep Student

“The practice exams were great. They taught me how to navigate the study material in an effective way. Saved me a ton of time.”
– Taylor Purdon, 2020 P1 Prep Student

“This practice exam allowed me to prepare for the LSO paralegal exam by giving me equivalent questions and preparing me for time management.”
– Haley Gourley, 2020 P1 Prep Student

“I found the concepts on the emond exam prep quite similar to the P1 licensing exam. I believe purchasing it would aid in understanding the main concepts on the exam.”
– Durika Sivaparan, 2020 P1 Prep Student



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