Project Media Weblinks

Project 1: On the Radio

Page 3: Radio Plays,

Page 5: MindSet:

Page 7: Careers in Media: Radio

Project 2: The Graphic Novel

Page 13: Your Media Challenge, LINK COMING SOON!

Page 13: Scott Mcloud's website,

Project 3: From Story to Video

Page 20: Resources to help you create your own video game,

Page 21: Careers in Media: Games,

Project 6: Pulp Fiction

Page 38: Examples of pulp fiction covers:

Page 39: Careers in Media: Book Publicity

Project 7: The Photo Essay

Page 43: James Mollison's Where Children Sleep,

Page 47: Careers in Media: Photography

Project 8: Documenting Reality

Page 53: Careers in Media, Jobs at the National Film Board of Canada:

Project 9: The PSA

Page 57: MindSet: PSAs:

Advertising Standards Canada (Truth in Advertising),

MADD Canada (Kali's Story):

MADD (Headbangers), (Note: Not included in the student book but a video students will enjoy. In addition, this is a link to a downloadable video file. You may need a video player in order to see it; here is a free one that you can use.)

Fusion Youth Centre (Erase-ism),

Nuru International and Jake Harriman (The End),

Skills Canada Bullying PSA,

Amy Singh (Chocolate and Child Labor),


Page 61: Careers in Media: Lighting Programs:

Project 10: Going Multimedia

Page 65: MindSet: Multimedia Campaigns:

Page 66: Production Steps: Organizations that encourage young people to get involved:

Page 67: Careers in Media: Social Networking and Social Media

Project 11: Website Makeover

Page 71: MindSet: Taking it Global,

Page 73: Careers in Media, web design programs that are less than a year long:


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