Real Estate Transactions: Cases, Text and Materials, 2nd Edition

Real Estate Transactions: Cases, Text and Materials, 2nd Edition
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October 2017
Property and Real Estate Law

Authors Craig R. Carter and David R. Carter blend academic and practical perspectives in their discussion of the way in which interests in land are bought, sold, and mortgaged.

This resource is structured around a standard real estate transaction and is supported by the most recent case law and sources, which encourage further exploration of the development of the law. Several important topics addressed in this text are new to this edition, including the Planning Act, mortgage fraud, easements, and positive covenants. These principles and concepts are contextualized with practical tips based on the authors’ combined 37 years of practice.

With a focus that emphasizes both the learning and practising of real estate law, Craig and David Carter have produced a casebook that simplifies complex concepts and provides best practices that can be easily applied to real-world situations. This text aims to provide readers with not only an appreciation of the law, but also a solid grounding in the practical aspects of real estate, mortgage law, and mortgage remedies.

  • Textual framework structured around a standard real estate transaction from beginning to end
  • Real-world context demonstrating how various legal issues are dealt with by practitioners
  • New chapters on easements, mortgage fraud, and subdivision control
  • Updated case law on positive covenants, boundaries, and specific performance

Chapter 1: The Typical Residential Land Transaction
Chapter 2: The Real Estate Agency Relationship
Chapter 3: Contractual Terms in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale
Chapter 4: What is Being Bought and Sold
Chapter 5: Interest of the Parties in the Land and Buildings Pending Closing
Chapter 6: Physical Defects
Chapter 7: Title Defects
Chapter 8: Time Provisions and Tender
Chapter 9: Closing
Chapter 10: Remedies
Chapter 11: Title Insurance in Ontario
Chapter 12: Planning Act – Subdivision Control
Chapter 13: Easements
Chapter 14: Land Titles Act and Mortgage Fund
Chapter 15: Special Real Estate Concerns
Chapter 16: Mortgages
Chapter 17: Mortgage Remedies
Appendix A: Additional Authorities

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