Remedies: Cases and Materials, 7th Edition

Remedies: Cases and Materials, 7th Edition
Emond Publishing
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June 2016
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NOTE: Please visit Remedies: Cases and Materials, 8th Edition for the latest edition.

Remedies: Cases and Materials, 7th Edition is a collection of up-to-date materials covering all areas of remedies law in Canada, including damages, injunctions, specific performance, and equitable relief.

  • Inclusion of IBM Canada Ltd v Waterman 2013 SCC 70 on the issue of whether receipt of pension benefits should reduce damages for wrongful dismissal. How is the compensation principle to be defined and operationalized?
  • New section on party stipulated remedies, inclusion of Peachtree II Associates (2005), 76 OR (3d) 362 (CA)
  • Discussion on damages for loss of use of a luxury car in Miller v Brian Ross Motorsports Corp., 2015 BCSC 1381
  • Extensive new discussion on how the Supreme Court of Canada's decision in Semelhago v Paramadevan [1996] 2 SCR 415 continues to reshape the law on the availability of specific performance and the pivotal role played by the uniqueness concept and its proof
  • New section on bills of discovery or Norwich orders
  • Extensive updating to all notes and commentary to reflect changes in the law since the sixth edition
    • Instructors may use the notes to highlight differing perspectives, contentious issues, and opportunities for more detailed reflection

Part I: Monetary Relief

Chapter 1: General Principles of Damages
Chapter 2: Awards Measured by Benefit to Defendant
Chapter 3: Damages for Breach of Contract
Chapter 4: Damages for Invasion of Property Interests
Chapter 5: Damages for Personal Injury or Death

Part II: Equitable Remedies

Chapter 6: Injunctions and Specific Performance
Chapter 7: Injunctions
Chapter 8: Interlocutory Injunctions
Chapter 9: Specific Performance
Chapter 10: Financial Relief in Equity
Chapter 11: Discretionary Reasons for the Denial of Relief
Chapter 12: Charter Remedies

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