Residential Real Estate Transactions, 4th Edition

Residential Real Estate Transactions, 4th Edition
Emond Publishing
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February 2016
Law Clerk

NOTE: Please visit Residential Real Estate Transactions, 5th Edition for the latest edition.

Residential Real Estate Transactions, 4th edition immerses readers in the world of residential real estate by highlighting transactions from start to finish, including the preparation of agreements of purchase and sale, accurate reporting techniques, and the proper procedure required to close a file.

  • Updates throughout the text to reflect amendments to legislation
  • Extensive revisions to chapters which cover Purchaser’s Post-Closing Procedure and Acting for the Vendor
  • New chapter on electronic registration and electronic documents
  • New screenshots of the Teraview software to assist readers in performing property searches, collaborating with other users, and submitting land title documents for registration
  • Sample documents and letters from Conveyancer software
  • New learning outcomes and application questions

Part I: Introduction

  • Chapter 1: Overview of the Residential Real Estate Transaction
  • Chapter 2: The Role of the Law Clerk

Part II: Overview of Real Estate Law

  • Chapter 3: Estates and Interests in Land
  • Chapter 4: Legal Descriptions
  • Chapter 5: Land Registration Systems
  • Chapter 6: Charges/Mortgages
  • Chapter 7: Electronic Documents
  • Chapter 8: Liens Against Land
  • Chapter 9: Government Controls over the Use and Subdivision of Land
  • Chapter 10: Legal Status of the Owner
  • Chapter 11: Condominiums
  • Chapter 12: Residential Rental Properties
  • Chapter 13: Environmental Issues
  • Chapter 14: Title Searching

Part III: The Standard Residential Real Estate Transaction

  • Chapter 15: Opening and Organizing a Real Estate File
  • Chapter 16: Reviewing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • Chapter 17: Title Insurance
  • Chapter 18: Preliminary Matters
  • Chapter 19: Requisitions: An Overview
  • Chapter 20: The Requisition Letter
  • Chapter 21: Document Preparation
  • Chapter 22: Closing the Transaction
  • Chapter 23: Purchaser’s Post-Closing Procedure
  • Chapter 24: Acting for the Vendor

Part IV: Other Residential Real Estate Transactions

  • Chapter 25: Purchase of a New Home
  • Chapter 26: Purchase of a Condominium
  • Chapter 27: Purchase of a Rural Property
  • Chapter 28: Purchase of a Property Under Power of Sale
  • Chapter 29: Acting for the Mortgagee

This revised Chapter 22 was posted due to changes that have been made to provincial and municipal land transfer tax rates and rebates. It also includes a description of the new non-resident speculation tax. This update is current as of March, 2018.

Errata for Chapter 22

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