Teachers and the Law: Diverse Roles and New Challenges, 4th Edition

Teachers and the Law: Diverse Roles and New Challenges, 4th Edition
Emond Publishing
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February 2020
Educational Law

"Teachers and the Law is one of the few books of its kind which teachers and school administrators can turn to for up-to-date, accessible, comprehensive and helpful advice on virtually every legal issue they may face. The teacher’s role is placed in a broader context regarding the right to freedom of expression, the school’s investigative role and the obligations to report child abuse. Every major issue is addressed with thoughtful analysis regarding the current case law and relevant legislation. It provides an essential guide for educators to better understand and effectively navigate complex and demanding legal issues in Canadian schools."

—Eric M. Roher,
Borden Ladner Gervais

An invaluable resource for teachers and other education professionals, Teachers and the Law provides the legal knowledge necessary to fulfill multiple roles and to succeed in the modern, Canadian classroom. Teachers will be equipped to address a wide range of issues, including technology and social media, harassment, bullying, censorship, Indigenous education, privacy, equality, and more.

This edition reflects updated legislation that relates to the evolving rights of teachers, students, and parents, as well as emphasizing the impact that courts and human rights tribunals have in shaping both educational policies and practices. This edition also examines emerging privacy challenges relating to technology, such as the distribution of intimate images; inclusive education; and social movements such as #MeToo.

  • Updated and expanded coverage on critical topics, including the education of First Nations students living on reserves, sexual harassment, social media impact, and copyright issues
  • New case study boxes referencing possible legal scenarios that teachers could face
  • New end-of-chapter discussion questions
  • Glossary with key terms

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Legal Framework
Chapter 2: Teachers as Parents
Chapter 3: Teachers as Educational State Agents
Chapter 4: Teachers as Guardians of Equality
Chapter 5: Teachers as Agents of the Police
Chapter 6: Teachers as Social Welfare Agents
Chapter 7: Teachers as Employees
Chapter 8: The Role of Technology in the Classroom and Beyond
Chapter 9: New Challenges Facing the Modern Teacher

Table of Cases

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