The Law of Trusts: A Contextual Approach, 3rd Edition

The Law of Trusts: A Contextual Approach, 3rd Edition
Emond Publishing
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June 2015
Wills, Estates, and Trusts

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The Law of Trusts, 3rd Edition, edited by Mark R. Gillen and Faye Woodman, traces the development of resulting and constructive trusts to reflect a uniquely Canadian approach. Written by leading scholars in the field, this comprehensive casebook situates the law of trusts in context for its readers, yet extends beyond the normal scope to discuss specialized topics such as unjust enrichment, taxation, and succession planning.

The third edition has been updated and expanded to include a new chapter on the Quebec trust. An overview of the taxation of trusts and beneficiaries has been added to make the subject matter more accessible, and an updated chapter on fiduciary obligations references the Galambos and Elder Advocates cases to reflect the clarified approach adopted by the SCC.

New to the third edition:

  • Brand new chapter on the Quebec trust
  • The use of trusts in succession planning including taxation of testamentary trusts and beneficiaries, express trusts, partner trusts, alter ego trusts, and disability trusts
  • Revised chapter on the taxation of testamentary trusts
Part I: Introduction
Chapter 1: An Introduction to Trusts
Chapter 2: Introduction to the Taxation of Trusts and Beneficiaries
Chapter 3: History and Development of Equity
Part II: The Express Trust
Chapter 4: The Express Trust
Chapter 5: Purpose Trusts
Chapter 6: Administration of Trusts
Chapter 7: A Comparison of Trusts to Other Legal Relationships
Part III: Trusts Arising from the Operation of Law
Chapter 8: Resulting Trusts
Chapter 9: The Constructive Trusts
Part IV: Remedies
Chapter 10: Remedies
Part V: Modern Uses of the Trust
Chapter 11: An Introduction to Trusts and the Environment
Chapter 12: Trusts in Corporate and Commercial Law
Chapter 13: Equity and “Family” Relationships
Chapter 14: The Trust in Succession Planning
Part VI: Fiduciary Obligations
Chapter 15: Fiduciary Obligations
Chapter 16: Fiduciary Obligations and Aboriginal Peoples
Part VII: Fiduciary Obligations
Chapter 17: Trusts in Quebec
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The Law of Trusts: A Contextual Approach, 3rd Edition

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