Think Smart: Skills for Success After High School

Think Smart: Skills for Success After High School
Emond Publishing
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January 2011

TRILLIUM LISTED for Ontario's GLE3O and GLE4O courses

SUPPORTS Ontario's GLE3O, GLE4O, and GLS4O Student Success Initiatives

Think Smart: Skills for Success After High School — the third title in Emond Montgomery’s guidance series — is aimed at helping students navigate the difficult transition from school to work. The book is divided into six themes: Me, Exiting (the System), Surviving, Relationships, Opportunities, and Success. Each theme comprises a series of two-page spreads, which begin with a short reading, followed by several related features and activities designed to have students practise the kind of problem solving and critical thinking that will help them set and achieve their goals for the future.

  • Tools for Success: The text and accompanying features function as a jumping-off point for students to explore:
    • their own learning and personal management skills
    • post-secondary choices, goals, and opportunities
    • specific post-secondary destinations
    • information, trends, and resources online, at school, or in the community
  • Engaging Student Activities: Accompanying activities aim to address higher-order literacy, numeracy, thinking/inquiry, problem solving, research, and group work. Students continue to explore the text but also create their own content through research and other experiential learning opportunities.
  • Two-Page Treatments: Succinct, two-page topics offers novelty, predictability, and manageable in-class reading.

Theme 1: Me

  • Zombie Extra
  • The Best Job in the World
  • Amir vs. the Test
  • Co-op Information Night
  • Your OSR: Your Data, Your Dialogue

Theme 2: Exiting

  • Raina's Web of Possibilities
  • What's the Value of My Diploma, Anyway?
  • Giving and Getting the Positive
  • Spot the Internet Employment Hoax
  • Apartment for Rent
  • Charting a Career Course
  • Have to Wait?

Theme 3: Surviving

  • The Fox and the Grapes
  • Ready, Set … Then What?
  • When Is It Due?
  • How Stress Works
  • Words Matter
  • "Everybody Can Learn"
  • Does Complaining Even Work?

Theme 4: Relationships

  • How Independent Are You?
  • Steps to Finding a Mentor
  • Responsible, Response-able
  • Using Self-Advocacy to Step Out in the World
  • What Employers Really Look For
  • Drama at the Office
  • Meeting Myself at 25

Theme 5: Opportunities

  • Monday Morning, 2040: Where Will You Be?
  • Your Pathway: Field of Dreams or Powerwalk?
  • In Their Footsteps
  • Learning in a Post-Secondary World
  • Choosing Can Lead to Good or Bad
  • Need Help
  • The Value of Volunteering

Theme 6: Success

  • Success on Your Own Terms
  • Marketing Me
  • Marketing Me With a Resumé
  • Marketing Me with an Interview
  • You Gave It Your All But …


Image Click here to view a sample of Theme 4, Relationships, from the student text.

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