Traffic Management, 5th Edition

Traffic Management, 5th Edition
Emond Publishing
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January 2021
Policing, Security, and First Responders; Traffic Law and Management

Traffic Management, 5th Edition provides a comprehensive and practical analysis of traffic management from a law enforcement perspective. Referencing both federal and provincial traffic laws, this text teaches readers to navigate the various details and complex aspects of traffic-related issues, enforcement and investigative techniques, and collision analysis.

This edition presents up-to-date legislation, including those concerning cannabis impairment, the Safe Roundabouts Act (2016), and other recent developments. Discussions include new restrictions related to novice drivers, field sketch and measurements techniques, non-resident exemptions, and reverse-onus requirements.

Ideal for traffic management courses, this easy-to-understand guide provides students with a solid foundation in police practices and the accurate interpretation of traffic law.

  • Recent legislation and regulations, including cannabis legalization, the Safe Roundabouts Act (2016), automated speed enforcement, and new school safety zone rules
  • Analysis of federal and provincial traffic-related laws
  • Step-by-step explanations of practice and procedure dealing with traffic enforcement issues, including how to investigate criminal driving offences related to impairment
  • New content, including collision scene investigation, and forensics, as well as graduated licences and blood alcohol levels
  • Practical examples and illustrations, including screen captures and updated instructions for using Ontario Laws website

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Highway Traffic Act: Defining Terms
Chapter 3: Licences and Permits
Chapter 4: Rules of the Road
Chapter 5: Highway Traffic Act Offences
Chapter 6: Impaired Driving and Other Criminal Code and Highway Traffic Act Offences
Chapter 7: Collision Investigation

Appendix A: Short-Form Wordings and Set Fines from the Provincial Offences Act
Appendix B: Provincial Offence Ticket, Provincial Offence Summons, and Part III Summons
Appendix C: Suspect Apprehension Pursuits Regulation O. Reg. 266/10
Appendix D: Relevant Legislation


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Traffic Management, 5th Edition

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