Working with the Residential Tenancies Act, 4th Edition

Working with the Residential Tenancies Act, 4th Edition
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February 2017
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Working with the Residential Tenancies Act, 4th Edition discusses the practicalities of representing residential landlords and tenants at the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board. By having this concrete understanding of the rights, procedures, documents, and remedies that surround this area of law, readers will be prepared for any tribunal application proceeding under the Residential Tenancies Act.

This text strikes a balance between thoroughness and ease of use by examining the legal relationship between landlords and tenants, and the legislation that governs rental housing in plain language. Legal issues are contextualized using real-life scenarios that legal professionals are likely to encounter at some point in their careers.

The fourth edition includes up-to-date forms and case law, new chapters, more robust coverage of abatements and the general rules around it, and more detailed procedural information, making it an incredibly valuable resource for anyone working with residential tenancies.

  • Revised and up-to-date forms
  • New case law
  • New chapter on non-profit housing co-operatives (which now fall under the jurisdiction on the LTB)
  • New section dealing with the new rights tenants have to terminate tenancies in the cases of domestic abuse or sexual violence
  • Improved explanations of various issues, including human rights law
  • Cases-in-point to provide context to situations for readers
  • Revised information about abatements and the general rules surrounding it
  • More charts and diagrams to visually represent content

Chapter 1: Overview
Chapter 2: Legislative Framework
Chapter 3: Does the RTA Apply?
Chapter 4: The Tenancy Agreement
Chapter 5: The Landlord’s Obligation to Repair
Chapter 6: Other Rights and Obligations
Chapter 7: Procedures Under the RTA
Chapter 8: Tenant Applications
Chapter 9: Terminating Tenancies: Fault Grounds
Chapter 10: Terminating the Tenancy Agreement: No-Fault Grounds
Chapter 11: Processing Applications Under the RTA
Chapter 12: Negotiations, Mediation, and Hearings
Chapter 13: The Order and Beyond
Chapter 14: Parting the Possession by the Tenant
Chapter 15: Additional Grounds for Termination
Chapter 16: Increasing the Rent
Chapter 17: Increasing the Rent by Application
Chapter 18: Increasing the Rent by Agreement
Chapter 19: Rent Reductions and Rebates
Chapter 20: Offences Under the RTA
Chapter 21: Housing Co-operatives
Chapter 22: Conclusion

Appendix A: Residential Tenancies Act
Appendix B: Regulations Under the RTA
Appendix C: Landlord and Tenant Board Rules of Practice
Appendix D: Landlord and Tenant Board Guidelines
Appendix E: Guidelines Rent Increases 1975-2011
Appendix F: Table of Concordance
Appendix G: Discussion of Rent Discounts
Appendix H: Human Rights Code — Excerpts Related to Rental Housing

Glossary of Terms

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