How Emond Resources Helped Me


First of all, let me say thank you to the Emond crew for the Emond videos and practice questions. They went a long way, and, if I might say, guaranteed the success I had.

I wrote my solicitor exams in June and was the first set of candidates to write online, so we still had to write the usual 240 questions split between 2 days.

The challenge for me then was, due to COVID-19, my 2 kids were home schooling, and, as an essential worker, I still had to go to work so I had very little time to study.

I relied on my Emond videos, which I played over and over again at work, while doing chores, during my commute. I practised the questions over and over again until I was confident. I also tabbed my Emond materials, and on the day of the exam, I used the Emond PowerPoint summaries to easily locate the right answers faster.

I realized during the exam that I was worried for nothing because the process went smoothly and I wasn’t tense as I was in March when I wrote the Barrister exams in the conference hall. I felt relaxed in my own space, and I didn’t even have to wear shoes for the exam, lol.

When the results came out, I passed.

I already completed my licensing process and was called to Bar August 28, 2020, so I’m looking forward to landing my first job.


My Top 5 Exam Tips:

  1. Study. Practice questions are very helpful.

  2. Don’t be shy to network with others who are going through the licensing process or who have already completed it.

  3. Ensure your internet is working properly before the exam.

  4. Try to get everyone out of the house or choose a quiet part of your house to write your exams.

  5. Just breathe—you’ve got this.


Written by: Fikemi Aideloje

Ontario Licensing Exam candidate