What is a Custom Book?

A custom book is a textbook that Emond creates specifically for you, built around your classroom requirements. Custom books can be created by removing chapters from one Emond textbook, or by combining chapters from multiple Emond textbooks.

Please note that custom books are composed entirely of pre-existing content published by Emond. We do not create custom books that combine Emond textbook chapters with original content.

Orders and Returns

In order for us to create a custom for you, you must have a minimum initial order of 40 books. Should you wish to reorder the custom, you must reorder a minimum of 10 books. If you need to return the custom, you may return a maximum of 10 percent of your order.

A preliminary version of your custom will be sent to you electronically within a week of your order being received. Please note that page numbers and cross-references will not be updated at this stage. Review the custom carefully to ensure everything is to your satisfaction. This will be your one chance to make changes to chapter choice, order of appearance, custom title, etc. Once you approve the custom, a final version will be made and sent to the printer.


The chapters in your custom will be laid out exactly as they were in the original text. We will update all page numbers, update or remove cross-references that are no longer accurate, and create a new Table of Contents for the text.

The running headers of the custom will be updated to reflect the new chapter order (top right), as well as the title of the custom (top left). For legal purposes, the top left header will also specify that this book is a custom.

[page number] [custom title]: [school name] Custom / Custom Edition

If your custom is being built from several books, please pay attention to the size of the books from which you are requesting chapters as the size of the original books will play a role in the appearance of the custom. If, for instance, you choose to build a custom from one book that is 8.375” x 10.875” and another that is 6” x 9”, the smaller pages will have a fair bit of white space around the content.

Cover Design

You may choose a green, blue, or grey template, and a cover image from one of the textbooks that make up the custom. Please note, you cannot select a new image for your custom.

The cover and spine of the text will indicate that it is a custom text. No author or instructor names will appear on the cover.

Title Page Design

The title page of a custom has a little more information than the cover page. Here, you can specify the course name, the code, and your name, as the instructor who will be teaching it. “Custom Edition” will appear as a subheading on the title page. The course information is not mandatory, and you can leave it off if you wish.

[Book title]
Custom Edition
[Course code]
[Course name]
[Instructor’s name]


Credit will be given to all original author(s) on the copyright page. Due to the number of authors whose work makes up a custom book, we do not list any of the original authors’ names on the cover or the title page. If you are teaching the course for which you are requesting the custom, your name may appear on the title page as the instructor linked to that course. For copyright reasons, your name cannot appear on the cover, nor can you be credited as an author or editor of the custom.

If you have any further questions about your custom, please contact your Sales Representative.