Digital study tools to help students excel in law school

As law students immerse themselves in a challenging law school curriculum, they must grapple with complex legal concepts and a demanding workload. Emond’s new Casebook+ program features a robust suite of online study tools designed to support students in understanding the material and performing at their best. Casebook+ is available for selected subject areas only, and is bundled free of charge with new copies of applicable Emond casebooks. Ebook purchasers receive instant access to Casebook+ after purchase, and print book purchasers can redeem the Access Code printed within the front pages of their book.

Casebook+ Study Tools Include

Practical How-To Guides

  • A video outlining effective law school study strategies
  • A guide to crafting essay answers on law school exams

Online Practice Tests

  • Multiple-choice and true/false topical quizzes
  • Short-answer questions with model answers

Games and Flashcards

  • Flashcards based on subject-specific key terms
  • Interactive online games for memorizing content

Substantive Summaries

  • Big Picture subject matter summaries that simplify complex legal topics

In Brief Podcast

  • Learn from interviews with counsel who have argued key appellate cases

Downloadable Outlines

  • Downloadable Table of Contents to use as the basis of your own course outline

In Brief Podcast


Available exclusively through Casebook+


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