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Emond Publishing is proud to have been publishing resources in the areas of policing and public safety for more than 35 years. Our authors are experts in their field, drawing on years of experience to provide guidance on important topics of the day such as cybercrime, mental health, and community policing.



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Ethics in Criminal Justice and Public Safety, 5th Edition

Glenn Barenthin, Arun Dhanota, Doug LePard, Peter Skrypka

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Search and Seizure

David Schermbrucker, Randy Schwartz, Mabel Lai, Nader Hasan

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Crime and Intelligence Analysis in Canada: An Introduction

Daniel M. Schwartz, Ian Williams, Camie Condon, Ryan Prox

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Qualifying and Challenging Expert Evidence

Eric V. Gottardi, Jennifer A. MacLellan, Michael Lacy, Robin Flumerfelt

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Digital Evidence, 2nd Edition

Gerald Chan, Susan Magotiaux

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Modern Criminal Evidence

Matthew Gourlay, Brock Jones, Renee Pomerance, Glen Crisp, Jill D. Makepeace

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Prosecuting and Defending Drug Cases: A Practitioner's Handbook

Jeremy Streeter, Nathan Gorham, Breana Vandebeek

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Introduction to Emergency Management in Canada

Chris J. Collins, Darren Blackburn