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From the publisher that brought you the Criminal Law Series, Emond Publishing presents The Lawyers Lounge podcast. Hosts Danielle Robitaille and Lisa Jørgensen cover issues of local and national importance and discuss recent criminal law cases from across Canada.

Episode 10: The Big SCC Cases in 2021, Part II, COVID-19 and Parenting: The Impact on Legal Practitioners & "Fact or Fiction."

On this week's episode of “The Lawyers Lounge,” tune in to the second part of guest speaker Eric Gottardi's fascinating walk-through of the most anticipated cases from the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) in 2021, including

  • R. v. J.J. on the constitutionality of Bill C-51 and the new sexual assault s.278 provisions, and;

  • R. v. Sharma on assessing the limits of conditional sentencing and mandatory minimums for disadvantaged groups.

We then dive into Harpreet Saini's discussion with Emma Rhodes on the challenges of parenting, lawyering, and COVID-19. The Lawyers Lounge is pleased to announce its exciting new segment – "Fact or Fiction" – in which Danielle and Matt Gourlay compete to guess which fact patterns are "fact" and which are "fiction".

Special Guests: Eric Gottardi, Harpreet Saini, Emma Rhodes

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