Episode 14 - Lawyers Lounge/The Law School Show: The Crossover Episode

The Lawyers Lounge and the Law School Show have combined forces to bring you our first crossover episode.

With summer student recruitment wrapping up across Canada, future careers are at the forefront of every law student’s mind. LLP host Danielle Robitaille, LSS regular Maddison Tebbutt, and guest star Dr. Rebecca Jaremko Bromwich team up to provide law school students with invaluable advice for life after law school.

In this episode, Danielle reflects on her journey from law school to legal practice, looking back on her mistakes and sharing her wisdom. She discusses her decision to become a criminal defence lawyer and shares her top tips for determining which practice area and side of the courtroom – Crown or defence – is right for you. Danielle and Maddison weigh in on the importance of clinical experience, practice diversification, networking, and advocacy.

Our guest in the Lawyers Lounge this week is Dr. Rebecca Jaremko Bromwich. Inspired by the lack of networking opportunities during the pandemic and the mental health problems endemic to legal practice, Dr. Bromwich asked her law school students to reach out to practicing lawyers, asking them: “Knowing what you know now, what would you tell your younger, law student, self?” With responses ranging from “become a doctor” to “learn about vicarious trauma and self-care," Danielle and Rebecca examine the legal profession’s collective message to the next generation of lawyers.

Other topics include:

  • Mentorship – A necessity for success?

  • Mental Health in Law School and the Legal Profession.

  • Competition and Grades.

  • The value of shadowing members of the Crown, defence, and judiciary.

  • Maintaining connections with your law school contacts.

  • Hybrid-work environments for the next generation of lawyers.

  • Starting business and client development during internships and articling.

Guest Host: Maddison Tebbutt, JD Candidate and executive producer/host of the Law School Show.

Special Guest: Dr. Rebecca Jaremko Bromwich, National Director of EDI for Gowling WLG, Senior Instructor at the University of Manitoba, and Adjunct Professor with the Department of Law and Legal Studies at Carleton University.

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