Episode 13 - In Conversation with Marie Henein

Join Danielle as she sits down with one of Canada’s leading criminal defence lawyers, Marie Henein. They discuss the unique professional obstacles for women practicing criminal law, reflecting on their personal experiences and choices that helped them achieve success.

In her new autobiography, Nothing but the Truth, Marie describes her journey from her childhood in Cairo to her prominent legal career in Canada. By providing an honest explanation of her role in the justice system, recounting her parents story of immigration and displacement, she hopes to inspire young women to carve out their own space in the legal profession.

In this special episode of the Lawyers Lounge, Danielle and Marie examine the social undermining, double standards, media stereotypes, racial discrimination, and professional exclusion contributing to the exodus of women from the criminal law profession. Marie speaks about the impact of sexism on her journey and gives advice to fellow practitioners combatting sexism in their own legal careers, insisting “you’ve got to stay where you’re not wanted.”

Other topics include:

  • Lawyers Lounges – a collegial experience or a place of exclusion?

  • “Imposter syndrome.”

  • The value of accepting and providing legal mentorship.

  • Fostering and maintaining connections with members of the Crown, defence, and judiciary.

  • Business and client development

Special Guest: Marie Henein.

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