Episode 15 - An Interview With Mona Duckett

What message do you think the Naslund verdict sent to lawyers and judges?
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In this special episode, Danielle interviews widely esteemed trial and appellate counsel Mona Duckett. Defence counsel in several high-profile cases over her four decades in the legal profession, Mona gives an inside look at two of her most publicized cases.

  • R v. NRR, 2014, ABQB 282, a youth criminal justice case involving police entrapment through a “Mr. Big” undercover operation by the RCMP.

  • R. v Naslund, 2022, ABCA 6, an appellate manslaughter case involving domestic violence, battered women syndrome, overcharging, and unethical plea bargaining. 

During high-profile cases like NRR, and Naslund, should lawyers—Crown and defence—speak to the media? Mona and Danielle share their opinions on speaking to the media during a case and the ethical obligation to do so when it is in the public interest.

Most lawyers will undoubtedly confront issues of professional and ethical conduct during their legal careers. Before her call to the bar, Mona had her first confrontation with unethical lawyering during her articling term. She shares her articling horror story and how this experience influences her outlook and practice.

Other topics include:

  • “Phone a friend” support system.

  • The “Mentorship Crisis.”

  • Vicarious trauma. 

Special Guest: Mona Duckett is a senior partner at Dawson, Duckett, Garcia, and Johnson in Edmonton. Her expertise spans the entire spectrum of criminal defence, related administrative law, and criminal appeals.

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