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An Immigration Law Podcast

An Immigration Law Podcast
Immigration lawyers Chantal Desloges and Cathryn Sawicki examine the current state of Canadian immigration law, breaking down policy, practice, procedure, and recent cases from across the country.

Tune in to hear tales from the trenches, practical advocacy tips, and business advice for immigration law practitioners. Each episode features distinguished guests from across Canada. From the publisher that brought you the Immigration Law Series, Emond Publishing presents Welcome Home: An Immigration Law podcast.

Episode 7 - Legal Intersections: Family Law and Immigration Law

An individual can only make ONE refugee claim per lifetime. Every year, thousands of individuals flee to Canada and exercise their one and only opportunity to make a refugee claim. Many of these refugee claims are from individuals escaping domestic violence with their children.

In this episode, Chantal and Cathryn sit down with immigration and refugee lawyer Cheryl Robinson to discuss the intersection of refugee law and family law. How can you identify a refugee claim with an issue of exclusion and what are the next steps? Cheryl sheds light on her experience managing these claims and preparing clients for these specialized cases. Learn about trauma-informed lawyering, severed claims, cross examination, evidence application at the RPD, unsolicited evidence, language barriers, and more in the context of refugee claims with exclusion issues.

Given the emotional toll and high-risk nature of refugee law, how can practitioners define and maintain professional boundaries with clients? In this segment of “Tales from the Trenches,” Chantal and Cathryn share moments from their careers where a lack of boundaries impeded their professional abilities and offer advice on drawing these lines appropriately.

View the Immigration and Refugee Board’s 2022 revision of Chairperson’s Guideline 4 at https://irb-cisr.gc.ca/en/legal-policy/policies/Pages/GuideDir04.aspx

Special Guest: Cheryl Robinson is a staff lawyer with the Refugee Law Office of Legal Aid Ontario, specializing in immigration and refugee law. She has argued before all levels of the IRB and the Federal Court and was lead counsel on the FCA case Huruglica v. Minister of Citizenship and Immigration.

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The Hosts of Welcome Home

Chantal Desloges Headshot

Chantal Desloges

Chantal is certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a specialist in both citizenship/immigration law and refugee law. She was called to the Ontario bar in 1999, and was an associate and subsequently a partner at Green & Spiegel law firm until 2010, when she established her own law firm, Desloges Law Group Professional Corporation. Her practice encompasses every possible area of Canadian citizenship, immigration, and refugee law, such as business class applications, skilled workers, family sponsorships, work and study permits, refugee cases, and citizenship applications, as well as appeals and judicial reviews of refused cases.

Chantal taught immigration law at Osgoode Hall Law School in 2000-1, and served as curriculum coordinator and lecturer for the Seneca College Immigration Practitioner Certificate Program from 1999-2010. She currently teaches current and aspiring immigration consultants at both IMEDA and Herzing College.

In March 2012, Chantal was awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal, and in May 2012 she was awarded the Canadian Bar Association Young Lawyers' Pro Bono Award. In 2013, she was appointed by the minister of justice to serve for a three-year term on the Federal Court Rules Committee, and was reappointed for a further three years in 2016. In 2014, Chantal was elected to the Executive of the Canadian Bar Association, Immigration Section, where she continues to serve.

Cathryn Sawicki Headshot

Cathryn Sawicki

Cathryn Sawicki is a Canadian immigration lawyer and the Global Business Immigration Services Team Lead at PwC Law LLP. She has particular expertise in the area of compliance, inadmissibility, and corporate strategic immigration solutions.

Cathryn is a member of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA), the Ontario Bar Association, and the Law Society of Upper Canada. She completed her law degree at Osgoode Hall and earned a Certificate in Canadian Immigration with high honours.

She has lectured before the Law Society of Upper Canada, Federated Press, Professional Development Seminars, the CBA, and other organizations. She has appeared on CBC television and radio, Rogers TV, CFRB 1010, and CKNW radio as a guest speaker. Cathryn has also been interviewed for various newspapers and online articles and has taught immigration law at various colleges and law schools across Canada.