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An Immigration Law Podcast

An Immigration Law Podcast
Immigration lawyers Chantal Desloges and Cathryn Sawicki examine the current state of Canadian immigration law, breaking down policy, practice, procedure, and recent cases from across the country.

Tune in to hear tales from the trenches, practical advocacy tips, and business advice for immigration law practitioners. Each episode features distinguished guests from across Canada. From the publisher that brought you the Immigration Law Series, Emond Publishing presents Welcome Home: An Immigration Law podcast.

Episode 9 - What Do Clients Look for in a Lawyer?

Has a client ever mentioned why they chose you? Have you ever asked? If you had to guess what matters most to your clients when selecting a legal representative, what do you imagine their answer would be?   

Episode 8 - An Interview With Pantea Jafari

With many IRCC cases dragging on or for years and being unfairly dismissed or refused, how can we protect applicants' right to procedural fairness and legitimate expectations?

We discuss the rights of applicants, procedural fairness, group litigation and guest, Pantea Jafari offers a fascinating walk through of her recent group litigation case, Tafreshi v. Canada, 2022 FC 1089.

Episode 7 - Legal Intersections: Family Law and Immigration Law

How can you identify a refugee claim with an issue of exclusion and what are the next steps? In this episode, our guest shed light on their experience practicing at the intersection of refugee law and family law.

Special Guest: Cheryl Robinson

Episode 5 - Citizenship and COVID: Processes and Pitfalls

Despite new online mechanisms, processing times are slowers than pre-pandemic. Listen to Chantal and Cathryn discuss the opportunities and obstacles of Canada’s new virtual citizenship processes and how you can help mange your clients' expectations.

Guest Star: Lisa Middlemiss

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