Episode 6 - Sorry, We're Closed: Business and Corporate Immigration in Canada

Why is Canada falling behind in business and corporate immigration? With minuscule applicant intake numbers, protracted processing times, and unwieldy programs with no guarantees of residency, one could argue that Canada is CLOSED FOR BUSINESS, or at the very least risk-averse when it comes to foreign entrepreneurs.   

Join Chantal and Cathryn as they sit down with immigration lawyer Robin Seligman to review Canada’s business and corporate immigration programs. Learn about current pathways: PNPs, Start-Up Visas, Immigrant Investor, and Self-Employed Persons. Then, hear our hosts and guests propose their own requirements for a viable and balanced program that would benefit foreign entrepreneurs and the Canadian economy.   

Never ask your client a question you do not already know the answer to. Hear Chantal and Cathryn tell you how they learned this age-old piece of legal wisdom the hard way in a new podcast segment, “Tales from the Trenches.”  

Other topics include

  • Essential advice for clients seeking to immigrate to Canada as a businessperson.  

  • Immigration “astronauts.” 

  • CBSA application reviewing practices. 

  • Temporary vs. permanent residency pathways. 

  • Preparing financials for applications. 

  • Are forensic accountants and third parties necessary? 

Special Guest: Robin Seligman, Founder of Seligman Law in Toronto and adjunct professor at the University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law.  

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