Episode 1: The definition of a Canadian family, effective sponsorship applications, and social media's role in authenticating relationships.

Chantal and Cathryn welcome immigration lawyer, Adrienne Smith as they discuss the evolution of family class sponsorship in Canadian immigration law.

What constitutes a family under Canada’s immigration law? Learn about the current barriers to family reunification and how they impact the rights of minorities, such as the LGBTQ2+ community. They examine recent developments from the Federal Court and the growing role of technology in immigration decision-making. Our guest sheds light on her best practices for asking your clients the tough questions to verify authenticity of relationships and the importance of moving beyond the checklist requirements during the immigration process.

On this episode's segment of “What I Wish I Knew,” Chantal discusses the importance of self-confidence and taking advantages of opportunities while Cathryn discloses her secrets to effective leadership and making tough decisions.

Other topics include:

  • AP v Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), 2020 FC 906.

  • Social media and authenticating relationships.

  • Effective support letters and sponsorship applications.

  • Partner disagreements as proof of a genuine relationship.

  • Building trust and relationships with colleagues.

Special Guest: Adrienne Smith a founding partner of the Battista Smith Migration Law Group and the co-author of Family Class Sponsorship in Canadian Immigration Law. Adrienne is an an expert in immigration law, policy, advocacy, with specialization in medical inadmissibility and LGBTQ2+ immigration issues.

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