Episode 9 - What Do Clients Look for in a Lawyer?

Has a client ever mentioned why they chose you? Have you ever asked? If you had to guess what matters most to your clients when selecting a legal representative, what do you imagine their answer would be?   

In this episode, Chantal and Cathryn explore a client’s perspective and learn about the surprising things that matter most to a client seeking representation in an immigration law case. They interview two Jane Does, anonymous clients who discuss their processes for selecting a lawyer/consultant, describe the behaviours that would immediately disqualify someone, and share their expectations regarding truthfulness, responsiveness, and empathy. If you thought an untarnished track record of success was the most important thing you could advertise to a potential client, think again – it may be time to brush up on your "bedside manner" instead.  

Other topics include:  

  • Cultivating an authentic connection with your clients and the role of honesty from both sides – keeping in mind the timeless wisdom of “under-promise and over-deliver."

  • The importance of empathy when dealing with cases that have life-changing implications for your clients – and how to deliver bad news in the kindest way possible. 

  • A personal story of how Jane Doe dealt with the threat of deportation and how one person made the eventual experience of deportation more tolerable for her. 

What should you do when faced with an area of law that you are unfamiliar with? In this segment of “What I Wish I Knew,” Chantal and Cathryn offer their insights into navigating this tricky situation.

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