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8. Lawyer to Lawyer: Ask Us Anything NEW

Covering everything from the ridiculous to the hard-hitting truths, our hosts answer your questions, including fictional characters that have impacted advocacy style, biggest career mistakes, and how to keep up with new case law. Stay tuned for Lisa’s big news! 

Episode Archive

7. Starting Your Own Firm: Practical Considerations and Strategies

Discover how start your own firm as Frances Mahon discusses practical considerations, including managing a tight budget, building a client base, taking on associates, raising your profile, running a practice through a pandemic, and more. Special Guest: Frances Mahon.

6. Inside the Courtroom: Virtual trials and the Sharma decision

Find out how to advocate effectively in the virtual courtroom with Sana Halwani from Lenczner Slaght. Criminal defence lawyer Nader Hasan discusses all aspects of the Sharma decision, including Gladue factors, Section 15, the implications on mandatory minimum sentences, and the availability of conditional sentences. Special Guests: Sana Halwani, and Nader Hasan.

5. Fighting systemic racism in the criminal justice system

Danielle and Lisa present the second “Lounge Star” Award to Anthony Morgan, Emily Lam, and Faisal Mirza for their extraordinary work on the Sentencing and Parole Project, a non-profit organization that prepares enhanced pre-sentence reports for Black people marginalized by poverty and racial inequality. Sherif Foda discusses his novel approach to section 278 applications in a new segment called “How’d You Do That?” Special Guests: Anthony Morgan, Emily Lam, and Sherif Foda.

4. Tackling challenges: impact of Bill C-75, work-life balance, building your profile, and the intersection between immigration and criminal law

Learn about the status of litigation challenging Bill C-75 with criminal defence lawyer Michael Lacy. Find out what criminal lawyers should know about immigration law with Cathryn Sawicki, how to balance family life and a busy criminal law practice with Harpreet Saini, and how to build your profile in the community with Danielle and Lisa’s quick-fire advocacy tip. Special Guests: Michael Lacy, Cathryn Sawicki, and Harpreet Saini.

BONUS EPISODE: 13 Jurisdictions, 1 Pandemic: How COVID-19 has Impacted Courts Across Canada

Get a sense of whats happening in the criminal justice system with Danielle and Lisa in this bonus episode. Lawyers from every province and territory share how COVID-19 has impacted the operation of local courts, jury trials, and bail hearings across Canada. Special Guests:

3. The realities of practising remotely, cross-examining police witnesses, and Gerald Chan on "The Virus of Anti-Asian Prejudice"

Join Danielle and Lisa as they discuss the challenges of practising criminal law remotely and supporting clients who are currently in custody. Gerald Chan, president of FACL and partner at Stockwoods LLP, addresses the realities of Asian Canadian racism in the age of COVID-19 and the Ontario Court of Appeal decision in the Adler case. Special Guest: Gerald Chan.

2. Remote lawyering in the age of COVID-19 and reporter Jacques Gallant on covering legal affairs

Join Danielle and Lisa as they discuss the challenges of remote lawyering and electronic hearings, as well as the CLAs efforts to prevent practice interruptions. The hosts share advocacy tips on how to work effectively with Crown counsel and address the value of legal mentorship. The Lawyers Lounge is also proud to announce the first "Lounge Star of the Month": Jacques Gallant, the Legal Affairs Reporter for the Toronto Star. Join us to hear his thoughts on covering the Canadian criminal justice system. Special Guest: Jacques Gallant.

1. The COVID-19 diaries and Eric Gottardi on SCC cases to look for in 2020

Join Danielle and Lisa as they discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the criminal justice system, recent court decisions, tips on managing relationships with clients, and the best legal advice they’ve ever received. Learn more about major criminal law cases on the Supreme Court of Canada docket for 2020 with senior partner Eric Gottardi of Peck & Company in Vancouver.

Since this episode was recorded, the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision in K.G.K., which can be found at Having called it correctly, Eric Gottardi probably wishes he was a betting man after all. Special Guest: Eric Gottardi.

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