Episode 8 - An Interview With Pantea Jafari

Unlimited intake quotas, limited processing targets, inaccurate processing times, and resource constraints all contribute to the massive and seemingly perpetual IRCC backlog. With many cases dragging on for years and being unfairly dismissed or refused, should group litigation be considered to protect applicants' right to procedural fairness and legitimate expectations? 

On this episode, we welcome esteemed immigration counsel Pantea Jafari to discuss her federal court case, Tafreshi v. Canada. In 2022, Pantea won a group litigation case involving a backlog of visa applications—most notably from Iranian applicants—unfairly dismissed under the Self-Employed Class.   

Other topics include:

  • Tips and tricks for preparing IRCC documentation: litigating vs. re-applying.

  • Mentorship in the immigration law community.

  • Managing your caseload.

Have you ever had a client that was over-involved, vengeful, or unresponsive? In this segment of “What I Wish I Knew,” Chantal and Cathryn offer their seasoned strategies for dealing with difficult clients. 

Special Guest: Pantea Jafari is a founding partner and lead counsel at Jafari Law in Toronto and Halifax. Her expertise spans the entire spectrum of immigration law, and she represents clients in all related matters. Pantea serves on the executive committee of the Ontario Bar Association’s Citizenship and Immigration Section and the board of the Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association. 

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